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CLOT's recent moves frequently, this has launched a CLOT Strawberry Logo strawberry short Tee map can be seen on the launch of the limited single product to strawberry fruit are pieced together, mainly to set off the bright red blue color, make the whole piece look more lively, love friends must be CHECK.

, founded in 2006 in Boston, Bodega, has become one of the most representative American fashion names in recent years. Shop as the name suggests, Bodega shop was clever decoration has become a traditional wine cellar appearance, and through a secret door into the store, most of the world's top leisure footwear and apparel brand will be closed at the moment.
Bodega co - Pro Leather rolls out the
's famous sports brand, Converse, also originated in Massachusetts, and thus has an unusual connection with Bodega. Bodega on Converse's classic shoes, Pro, Leather is particularly favored, so they also find opportunities to expand their cooperation projects, the introduction of "do not note" series. Among them, the high tube version of Pro Leather to artificial horsehair covered camel shoe body, and to increase the overall details as leather texture, exudes a unique charm and is bold.
Bodega co - Pro Leather rolls out the
, while the lower version uses high-grade black leather to create, supplemented by the former has been decorated with wool, concise and powerful, do not lose touch. The two pairs of shoes are expected to go on sale next month, ranging from $100 to $$110.

How to handle the injury of the ankle joint in running

running is very high for the stability and function of the ankle, and the chances of the injury are relatively large. Common is acute ankle sprain, because most of the runners are moving in the outdoor environment, if the foot to the foreign body in the landing (such as small stones, etc.) or uneven ground and ground slippery, or running problems (such as the sole friction is too large, the sole is too soft), cause the ankle joint and loss of muscle control beyond the normal range of the injury, commonly known as cramps. Acute injury of ankle may involve more tissue structures, such as ligament, joint capsule, skeleton and related muscles. Therefore, after the treatment and rehabilitation of ankle injury, we should carry out the whole concept from the very beginning, not only on the part of injury.
What are the symptoms of
ankle sprains? The first partial injury will be more severe pain, injured joints and surrounding soft tissue may rapidly swelling, injury side of the foot can not load, and the emergence of Ankle Dysfunction (such as joint activity decreased, strength decrease); if accompanied by fracture or dislocation, may appear local deformity (especially if this must be in good condition, protect the injured undisturbed situation timely sent to the hospital treatment). Even if the self feeling is not very serious ankle injury, should also cause attention, do not insist on continuing to exercise, so as to avoid the occurrence of two injuries.
How to do the correct self - treatment after the ankle injury in
is essential to the recovery of the later function. The commonly adopted measure now is "PRICE". 1, protection (Protection), after injury to do a good part of the protection, stop the movement, avoid two injuries. 2, rest (Rest), dynamic rest, other parts can be active. 3, cold compress (Ice), the purpose is to make the microvascular contraction, reduce bleeding, prevent swelling of lymphatic swelling, reduce local metabolic rate, reduce muscle spasm and other phenomena. The cold compress method is 10 to 15 minutes per hour (about to disappear). We should pay attention to prevent frostbite (add water, wet cloth, glue film and so on, so that the temperature of skin contact can't be less than 0 degrees Celsius). At the same time, we should avoid superficial nerve (peroneal nerve of foot and ankle). 4, compression bandage (Compression) can help effectively reduce swelling and bleeding. 5, elevate the affected limb (Elevation), also to reduce swelling, reduce bleeding and tissue fluid exudation.

I tell you from the perspective of muscle and mechanics analysis of internal causes a simple ankle sprain, first leg may be pre group (mainly the tibialis anterior muscle) muscle deficiency, in ankle sprain occurs (mostly feet inward), anterior tibial muscle control foot abduction (foot valgus force) not enough; there may be due to a thigh muscle (anterior group and posterior group), the stability of the knee joint control is relatively poor, the stability of the ankle will be affected; moreover, if after crus group (and Achilles) of poor flexibility, ankle.

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