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Jordan basketball shoes, because of comfort, fashion design, as well as good protection performance, by the vast numbers of basketball enthusiasts love.
Jordan Jordan:
generation 1 generation issue from the beginning by the union is prohibited, because when the Bulls coach Don't allow people to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is not coordinated with the team colors, Jordan 1 with white black red, hard rubber outsole, there is no technical content, in fact this pair of shoes is very heavy, but is the beginning of an era!

Jordan two: Jordan concise design of the 2 generation is the main reason for its many fans, he moved to the basketball from the shoe tongue. The technical content of this section of shoes is still not high, but in the use of materials on the uppers of a lot of attention, this section of shoes debut in 1986!

Jordan three generation: Jordan 3 generation, this is the real first generation flying cushion shoes, Nike used the visible air cushion for the first time, this is also the Jordan series for the first time used "flying trapeze" sign, Joe 3 was officially launched in 1987.

Jordan four generation: Jordan 4 generation, this paragraph of shoes dynamic flying trapeze logo, handwritten flight words full of jumping sense. It was this ingenious design that saved Nike and flying stars!

Jordan five generation: Jordan 5 generations, officially launched in 1989. The first application of the reflective material, this shoe used in the 4 generation technology in function, appearance is more modern and more beautiful, especially the tongue of Jordan logo are considerably.

Jordan six: Jordan 6, 1990 officially launched, 6 on behalf of the design is presented for the first time on the concept of rubber shoe buckle, this was very popular, the designer will use it to the 6 generation of lace, it can easily fasten shoelaces also play a very good decorative role.

Jordan seven: Jordan 7, 1991, the 91-92 season is Jordan Jordan wearing this pair of boots, because the 7 generation to win the championship in the 92 Barcelona Olympics, so the 7 generation in the Jordan series appear more precious. The biggest feature is that the color is particularly large, the design was very popular shoelace fixed device, the upper flying trapeze logo for the whole shoe to add a lot of color.

Jordan eight generation: Jordan 8 generation, published in 1993. Great breakthroughs have been made in the design, reflecting the design concept of science and technology at that time. The stability of the vamp is enhanced. Absorb the design idea of running shoes, a large number of rubber materials reduced, reducing the weight of shoes. The 8 generation was introduced before Jordan's first retirement, and had special significance in the Jordan series.

Jordan's nine generation: Jordan's 9 generation, released in 1994, is the only pair of Jordan shoes that have not worn on the field before Jordan's second retirement. Reflect the design of the 9 generation more world of thought, at this time of Jordan is not only the American hero, let the fans around the world for his skills and reach the acme of perfection. So far, really entered the golden heyday of Jordan basketball shoes.

Jordan ten generation: Air, Jordan, X, available in 1995

Nike, Zoom, Kobe, IV (4) two new color matching modes,

white / purple and black / yellow

lateral NIKE-LOGO is similar to Nike hyperdunk

because of the impact of ankle height on the ankle, NIKE usually top class stars will not be used as signature

, but KOBE wants to get rid of the ankle restraints through shoes and let himself run more quickly and cope with the game
This is expected in the spring of 2009:

download (54.19 KB)2008-7-30-Nike Zoom Kobe
Timberland Earthkeepers earth Guardian series new listing, Timberland Earthkeepers earth Guardian series new listing

weather gradually into late autumn, a trace of coolness hit, let a person can not help but a little bit of courage out of the outdoors. As you may know, the outdoors in late autumn are full of charm and are waiting for your enthusiastic participation. Timberland, an internationally renowned outdoor leisure brand, has been encouraging everyone to walk outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature. To this end, Timberland launched "to continue to explore new themes from", select equipment of fine men and women popular anthology season, to provide the best advice for your outdoor collocation in late autumn.
series adhering to the craftsmanship of Timberland as in the past, can not only meet the demand of the outdoor cold resist, and has always been based on the concept of Green Guardian of the earth, so that environmental awareness into the hearts of every consumer. Plus this month is full of winter atmosphere of the main color carbon hemp ash, metal blue and hemp ash, but also reflects the Timberland in fashion, performance, and green three aspects of continuous exploration, and seek the spirit of a breakthrough.

if you are on the world is full of curiosity, hope to explore the wider world; if you want to unlock the shackles of reality, to pursue a broader level; if you want to experience the earth's subtle, to breathe the fresh air, the Timberland series of equipment so the new building will accompany you to start unforgettable the journey of exploration. Wear comfortable, reliable Timberland equipment and enjoy the outdoors! When the warm sunshine to the earth, standing height to look into the distance, the whole world will be you in my arms. Leave the dreary office, take your equipment, put on your adventure clothes, and explore the outdoors. The unknown future awaits you!

carrying technology to explore the earth
(left) men -Earthkeepers, Heritage, Hiker (right) lady, -Earthkeepers, Greylock, Tall, Waterproof, Boot
gradually decreased as the temperature, we will soon enter the whisper of wind in November, warm and dry equipment performance more and more worthy of attention and outdoor enthusiasts, adventure, is ultimately a pair of very antiskid performance and comfort of the shoes. This series Timberland launched a new Earthkeepers guardian of earth, equipped with high-tech, multiple performance experience comfortable touch and high quality, make your outdoor tour a tiger with wings added. Always adhere to the concept of environmental protection, so that you enjoy the exploration time while not forgetting to make a contribution to environmental protection. The new Timberland men's Earthkeepers Heritage Hiker series, its waterproof structure ensures that in any recommendation

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