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Activity scene

people.com.cn May 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Jian) jointly organized by the State Sports General Administration of human resources development center, the State Sports General Administration occupation skill identification center and the Nanning Municipal People's government "2016 fitness Tour" run easy day before the first landing in Nanning. Nanning Guangxi is not only one of the ten largest a pearl in the palm, livable city; and sports atmosphere, has hosted the forty-fifth World Gymnastics championships. This "easy run" runs into Nanning, which aims to make green city people enjoy the vitality of sports and the happiness of fitness.
is in hot summer, but 21 days ago, many runners came to the beautiful South Lake Park, ready for the 5 kilometres to run easily. This place can be described as running conditions, runners can not only enjoy the distinctive subtropical garden and blue billow lake scenery, also can experience the full range of South Lake Park special track, new materials using permeable asphalt can effectively improve the running comfort, to run more tall on the road running experience.

in the hot season, the movement of the music, a vigorous posture fitness coach came to power, for thousands of runners up ribbon. The drum dance pole, Mashan Zhuang features rich performances, also let the runners feel the unique ethnic customs.

the easy run guest - 2014 Sochi Olympic Games women's 500 meter short track speed skating champion Li Jianrou and Beijing Olympic gymnastics women's team champion, multiple world champion Cheng Fei came easily to run the site, call us whenever and wherever possible to enjoy the pleasure of sports and fitness charm, and to teach many friends easily run the scientific method of running and fitness tips, won everyone's applause. With the Rio Olympic Games approaching, the scene of the easy run is also reflected in the Olympic elements, responding to the concept of "national fitness and the Olympic peers".

as the starting gun sounded, more than 3000 friends will easily easily run out, follow the pace of the Olympic champion, starting from the South Lake Park Tree Park, running along the lake nanhu road, south view at a glance. The distance of five kilometers is not long, but some elderly runners can't keep up with the pace of young people. With the encouragement of the Olympic champion, they have made great strides to carry out the national fitness. Activities do not count on names and participate. No matter men, women, old or young, everyone or group or 32 forming, laughing and laughing all the way, enthusiastic and vigorous vitality infected many passers-by, and the whole green city is shrouded in a vigorous atmosphere.
after running the Carnival
ran after the "easy run Carnival" as runners brought "the pole array" "throwing the ball" and "three people shoes" and other folk performances, run after the restoration of guidance, "flipper" fun run "skipping" fitness games, interactive pictures etc.. The site not only sets the popular WeChat printers and 3D pictures, but also brings new relaxed experience to the majority of easy running friends.

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