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20, for a man, probably 1/4 of life, perhaps for a brand, the time is not long. Compared to many of the street tide brand, New York Supreme is a "generation", but there are several brands only by Supreme, only 20 years time, will do so in the almost impregnable position? If you say it every Thursday offering new products, or from time to time the strong joint, New York local street culture, perhaps better than it represents 20 years, not only is the growth of Supreme, but also the United States of New York street culture growth and changes. Supreme by the time, and it represents the "sub culture" together, already strode to the center of the stage, changed the way people think of street culture. The day before the Supreme engraved two generation iconic masterpiece Box Logo Tee and Taxi Driver Tee, we realized in 20 years has passed, so sorting out the 1994-2014 20 years, Supreme years of masterpiece, which is many and Vans together to create brilliant. 1994: Taxi Driver Tee

Supreme first released a single product, and this is the best reason for its re engraved, Tee central printed with "taxi driver" stills, although the design is not eye-catching, style is not unique, but the significance is far greater than itself, bought this dress for people who do not know, this dress is Supreme in 20 years, even from a small street into a star street culture in the whirlpool.

1995: Box Logo Tee

Box Logo Tee is the number of businesses in Taobao piracy, now finally comeback. It is Suprme the most iconic milepost, which is why so many people have been struggling to find the cause of Box Logo Tee, who is not only the origin of Supreme, is the integration of the brand spirit of Supreme, so it is the brand's followers in the eyes of the position, the one or two high-end or not the joint can be easily shaken.

1996: Supreme x Vans Old Skool

Supreme host James Jebbia said: "in 1996, Vans of this shoe is one of the best shoes at the time, but after so long, it tells you that it is worth the time". At that time, Vans had xianbo

Running tired feeling is the sun?

Beijing time in March 3rd we all know that hot weather makes people run more slowly. We also know that air temperature and humidity are all factors that affect running performance. But in fact, other factors can also affect your play, such as the most easily overlooked wind and sunlight.

environmental physiologists like to use the "wet bulb temperature (WBGT)" to test, this is a mixture ratio, combined with the ordinary air temperature and the "spherical thermometer" temperature, the former combines the air temperature, humidity and wind, and the latter measures the solar radiation. If you want to know if your time will be slower than normal, or if there is a risk of heatstroke, WGBT is more likely to speak.

, but what must be seen is that WGBT is just a rough approximation, which includes 70% of the wet bulb temperature, 20% of the global temperature and 10% of the air temperature. Previous studies have tended to consider the effects of temperature, humidity and wind, but no one pays attention to the effects of solar radiation.

of European scientists such a survey, they recruited 8 volunteers, running at 30 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity, scientists simulated solar radiation levels are 800 watts per square meter, which is equivalent to the Japanese and British latitude in under the clear sky at noon, 500 watts (summer clouds, 250 watts (slightly) summer heavy clouds) and 0 watts.

through the experiment, scientists have concluded that solar radiation does lead to human exhaustion. Scientists found that it did not significantly improve core temperature, sweat secretion and heart rate, but only changed the temperature of the skin. But because of the skin warming, the increase of blood flow to the skin may have an impact on the sensation of the human body, although the data do not give any definite answer here.

but this gives the runners a hint that if you want to run, look at the clouds, in addition to the temperature and humidity. (Sina running winter)

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