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CLAE releases 2012 new shoes for spring and summer
American casual shoes brand clae recently released a series of shoes in the spring and summer of 2012. This season, clae is comfortable and easy to match with the earth color system, with tonal design, material and color matching, with a light sole texture. The new summer sports and leisure style, the appearance of simple and mature, while wearing comfort and content. This series of single products have been on sale, like friends can go to the COMMONN shop to buy.

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Nike's shoes no matter what style are all have rich colors and patterns are available. Of course there are Air Max series, but it is interesting to note that the Air Max under the exposure of the cushion has become one of the biggest features available in 21 years, the identification of special high this year. In November the Air Max series of shoes ready, including Air Max 1, Air Stab, Air Max and BW and other options. The price and release date will be announced in the near future. download should also (30.44 KB)2008-11-17 Nike Air Max
download (26.6 KB)2008-11-17 Nike Air Max
download (29.88 KB)2008-11-17 Nike Air Max
sports news in 2015 autumn and winter, PUMA and London using printing elements of fashion brand SWASH LONDON to interpret the new trend. The SWASH LONDON team will be its excellent painting techniques with a unique style of sports technique and PUMA classic combination, to create a series of classical tradition with little but the trend of strong interest in landing Yi, printing style.

SWASH LONDON is co founded by Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka painting artists, this double design team is famous for its iconic hand-painted patterns and color use, its unique vision of making digital printing technology adds a touch of charm. After two people in 2004, Yale awarded the French fashion awards, SWASH LONDON was formally established. They use novel and eccentric to fill the creative trend of thought, and color and stamp collide each other, expressing the unique brand view of SWASH LONDON.

PUMA x SWASH LONDON shoes series wonderful interpretation of fun, play and art of combining the new classic into the power. SWASH LONDON printing design covering PUMA classic Blaze of Glory shoes, blue green and bright orange interwoven colors eye-catching embellishment, vamp craft patterns show ingenuity, color collocation lace overhangs to lead the new trend of the season. At the same time, DISC and XT2 shoes also experienced SWASH LONDON bold colorful and complicated, exquisite design, baptism, showing a unique charm of the trend, perfect interpretation of the British style.

clothing, from the past SWASH LONDON sports and military clothing design, materials, integration of PUMA adhering to the movement of technology, combine to create a modern design and simple and beautiful new series. This season introduced the cooperation products include: sports jacket style unique stamp T- shirt, windproof coat, uniform wind in 50s the inspiration for the design of the retro Aviator style and injected a new design of the T7 movement in classical gene in sweater. This product will be back to cooperation design concepts of PUMA and SWASH LONDON are fully integrated, fully demonstrated a powerful and unconstrained style retro British customs, will become an indispensable trendspot this fall.

SWASH LONDON digital printing and decorating unique hand-painted art trends; honeycomb technical inheritance sports spirit PUMA to running profile and the 90s classic leading, distinctive style of the two brands in the cooperation in a series of daylight, creating a whole new series of eye-catching. The complete series of SWASH LONDON cooperation has now landed at the PUMA Beijing and Shanghai Black Label stores. The shoes series will be held at PUMA, Beijing and Shanghai Black Label stores

Reebok Royal Flag series of classic Reebok blue label products will be affordable, comfortable and stylish LOOK become variety with extreme ease. The classic Reebok blue label series is a series of brand new fashion leisure sports development this year, the brand's design from the Changqing best-selling models, low-key yet texture. ROYAL, CL, JOGGER, ROYAL, COURT, ROYAL, BADGE, shoes, side of the line design by the early victory logo Reebok evolved, classic flavor. Emphasize the design at the same time, shoes comfort and breathability are as a veteran sports brand Reebok's strengths, make it become an independent school in a number of brand shoes. Easy price is a plus for this series. 2013-1-29 14:50 upload and download attachments (139.49 KB)

2013-1-29 upload and download attachments at 14:50 (125.15, KB)

2013-1-29 upload and download attachments at 14:50 (116.12, KB)

2013-1-29 upload and download attachments at 14:49 (111.36, KB)

2013-1-29 upload and download attachments at 14:49 (69.85, KB)

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