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Chutian Metropolis Daily, according to the 20 news report of China News Agency, the British astronaut Tim · and Peake, who are working at the international space station, will participate in the London Marathon on the 24 th of this month. Peake was linked with London reporters on 20 days by satellite, saying his goal was to "finish the whole journey with 3.5 hours to 4 hours".
According to
, Peake was reported to work at a space station about 400 kilometers from the ground in December 2015. To avoid floating in the weightlessness state, he will use the belt and chain to fix his shoulders and waist on the device, and watch the London street view and run 42.195 kilometers through the tablet computer. Peake ran the whole journey at 3 hours and 18 hours in the London Marathon in 1999, and this time he kept practicing in his spare time. "Everything is ready with the support of an excellent team," he said.

before, an American female astronaut also finished the same running device in the 2007 Boston marathon.

: at 9 this morning, the Dongguan Bank of Guangdong has shot at the Dongguan stadium, and tonight they will play Beijing at home. The morning conference confirmed that Brooks could play tonight. That means Brooks will make his debut at Guangdong Hongyuan tonight.
Yi Jianlian, after training, talked about Brooks's help in the team. "The whole speed and the operation of the ball will play a big role. He hasn't played for a while and needs to play to get back."." Yi Jianlian said of Brooks.

and a day to contact, and feel that Brooks into the team, no problem. "He is easy-going and has nothing to do with the team." Yi Jianlian says.

at 10 in the morning, Guangdong Hongyuan of the end of the training, but the Beijing team also came to the stadium, Marbury, Brooks and Singleton come to the side of Yi Jianlian, directed the three people said, "Hello, NBA players." Marbury sat beside Brooks and asked Brooks about the situation, and the two talked very hot.

met so many NBA players at the CBA tournament, and he used two words to evaluate. Lively." "It's very exciting," he said."

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